Susanne Möll

Associate Accountant, Safety Representative, and wearer of many hats

My first job at Antaros Medical was coordinating clinical studies. At that time, we were a much smaller company, and there was a part-time consultant taking care of the financial services. But as the company grew, there was a need for a more permanent solution. Someone said “Susanne, you’ve done some finance before, can you get a system up and running?”, and that’s how I started to move over from clinical trials to full time finance.

That story says a lot about the Antaros Medical culture. We are solution focused and always put a lot of trust in each other’s capabilities. For a while I shared my time between clinical trials and finance, but we continued to grow and eventually I was unable to do both. I was offered a choice, and I chose finance.

“From clinical trials to full time finance”

Nurse with a heart for ECG
My early career was as an assistant nurse. I was brought in by some colleagues to work in a heart study led by AstraZeneca as they knew I often performed electrocardiograms (ECGs). I was then hired as a Clinical Trial Assistant at Bayer and later moved to a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). At that point I decided I wanted to try something else. I studied Business Economics and worked with finance for a small company. Later I worked as an administrator for the University of Gothenburg and administered their course in clinical trials. That is how I got in touch with Antaros Medical.

More than numbers
I now see Antaros Medical from the financial side, but because of all my experience in clinical trials, I really understand our core business. I believe this allows me to perform better in my job. I also find that finance is very sociable. I keep in touch with all the people working at Antaros Medical (everyone wants their salary, right?). I’m also part of the onboarding process and teaching new employees how to handle their timecards, how to record credit card expenses, and so on.

Summers on an island
Outside of work I like to spend time with my family. The kids are growing up, but still need some guidance. Recently I have taken up dancing. I think it is a lot more fun than going to the gym. It is good for the mind as well; I can’t think about anything else while I’m trying to get the steps and the dance routine right. We have a summer house on an island which is only accessible by boat. We usually spend our summers there. I also love working in the garden. I find it very relaxing to put things in order.