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Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Story

Working at Antaros Medical is different. In a good way. We are a fast-growing company, which is fantastic, and of course, has its challenges. Our culture is a big part of us. And we must never forget the values that make us - “us”. Because this is something we are very proud of. And what makes us different.

So what’s so special about Antaros Medical? Well, it’s not just our unique position at the cutting edge of science. It’s our togetherness. You and me and our daily life at work. Maybe it’s because our work is not working along straight lines. Our work is more like a spiral staircase, an English garden maze, or a city without dead-end streets. It’s an everyday challenge, and opportunity, of finding new ways of making a difference to the way new medicines are developed.

This is our guide to everyday life at Antaros Medical and our culture. It’s about people, science, and having fun. And the door is always open to friends. Glad you could make it.

This is us

We, the people at Antaros Medical, are the foundation of everything we do. It’s our people who allow us to stay true to our very real culture, in fair weather or foul.

We deliver timely and insightful imaging in clinical trials. Always committed to going the extra mile. This is how we help new drugs reach the market and patients. We often hear that working with us feels different. And without wishing to brag, we think this is true.

We are at the forefront when it comes to innovate ways to solve complex problems in clinical trials. We are driving imaging science forward. With our own research & development, we don't just use pre-existing methods to help moving new drugs forward, but we are driven by finding new and better ways of doing this. Together. For drug development. And in a wider perspective for the future.

This is a company with great vision and ambition who can make a difference to every one of us. To be able to tailor imaging techniques is ground-breaking and fascinating.

Antaros Medical's greatest asset is its people. Without the people none of it would be, or have been, possible. It is a privilege to be around great people who can make a change for the better.

Nima, Imaging science

The best of
us is you

We are a bunch of people working on imaging in clinical trials. Our teams can include anyone from imaging experts, software developers and image analysts to clinical project managers and coordinators. We don't all work directly on clinical trials. Some of us work within other functions, such as finance, quality assurance, marketing, business development or HR.

We come from every corner of the world, with different experiences and knowledge. And we are all kind of nerdy, in different, very positive ways.

Antaros Medical - Our Culture - The Best Of Us Is You
Antaros Medical - Our Culture - The Best Of Us Is You

I enjoy being part of a great team of talents and different unique experiences and backgrounds. In addition, I work at Antaros Medical because I hope that by our hard work in life science research, we can have a chance to make a positive contribution to a clinical patient care.

Alexander, Innovation and patents

Our values

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Let’s have fun

Can having fun really be a value?
We believe it is very important. For us, having fun means enjoying coming to work and feeling that you are part of a team. It means having opportunities to develop, the togetherness, and not the least, to laugh. A laugh to help people through a busy period. A laugh with a colleague over coffee. Or why not over a game of chess? Working alongside genuine people injects energy, stimulates discussion and ensures great communication.

To enjoy your work is to have fun during the working day. Fun and facts seamlessly come together. We win together and we lose together. We give each other energy.

Antaros Medical is clearly leading the science in their field and expects nothing but the best in terms of scientific integrity and performance. Although, it's a cliché, I find working at Antaros Medical is fun – the culture, the science, my colleagues and the approachable leadership.

Olof, Imaging science

The trailblazing, solution-oriented attitude of Antaros Medical remains. It's built into our core values. If someone says it can’t be done, we rise to the challenge and say, “Let’s at least try!” This is probably why we can do things that others can't.

Mattias, Corelab

Finding solutions thinking like no one else

We are used to doing things that we have never done before. This is a natural part of our working day. Being solution-oriented is an important part of who we are, at every level of the organization. We embrace your creativity. We encourage discussion and different points of view. And we strive to create time and space for new ways of thinking, because it takes time to think like no one else.

We work with confidence in different teams with all kinds of people, in all kinds of collaborations. If you have questions, you can be sure that someone will help you, and guide you. This is how we work at Antaros Medical. So let’s team up and find solutions together.

Solutions Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Solutions

We put our
trust in you

Antaros Medical is a safe environment, where we want our employees to be themselves, trust each other and feel secure, ask questions and share what they learn. We are transparent and inclusive. Because this gives a very positive work environment, and also the best output. Our aim is to feel like a flat organization in which each team member and colleague is trusted and respected.

We honestly believe that everyone makes mistakes, and by sharing these mistakes in a safe environment we can all grow and learn together. Feel free to talk to other people, offer your opinions and just dare to try. We all learn together.

Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Trust

I really appreciate the openness and transparency at Antaros Medical, as well as the flat organizational structure. I feel encouraged to share my thoughts and opinions, ask questions, and share my knowledge. What employees think matters and contributes to actual change – that is something I truly value in a workplace. And my colleagues are great!

Sascha, Clinical Operations

There's a great deal of confidence in each individual's capacity and competence at Antaros Medical. We trust each other’s ability to drive our respective tasks. This is very clear in our culture.

Sofia, Human Resources

We believe
in you

We believe in you and that you are confident enough to make decisions and come up with solutions. This is a cornerstone of our values. Empowerment goes hand in hand with accountability. Accountability means that we truly believe that each individual wants to and will take responsibility for their tasks, and for the company more broadly.

For us, empowerment means that we believe in the power of each and every person to make decisions, raise issues and lead their own work, based on their judgement.

This must also be evident in our leadership. Every manager has their employees’ backs while giving them the tools needed to work independently.

Empowerment Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Empowerment
Ethics Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Ethics

Always behaving in
an ethical way

We need to behave ethically in all our undertakings. The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. We must follow all the laws and regulations governing data integrity, clinical trial conduct and the interpretation of data.

Being ethical means even more. As we take a human approach to work it comes completely naturally to us and is a key factor in our success. We respect each other, our work, our customers and patients, and also the environment.

As we work in clinical trials, being ethical is something that is natural in how we operate. We follow the regulations that set the wellbeing of patients first and also operate to deliver high-quality in everything that we do. Being ethical for us goes beyond the laws and regulations. We truly respect one another and everyone we interact with here at Antaros Medical.

Caroline, Imaging Services

I work at Antaros Medical because it is fantastic to work for a company where it feels like you are actually contributing to the company's development. This combined with the fact that my skills are being transformed into something useful to drug developers, and ultimately patients, makes it very rewarding to work here.

Kerstin, Imaging Science

Growing with
our people

Change is a part of who we are. We are constantly looking for people who want to join us in our journey, even though there might be uncertainty and occasional bumps in the road. We are all in this together. And with this in mind, there are a lot of opportunities for personal growth. Something which the company's growth also depends on.

Growth Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Growth

Walking in through the front doors at Antaros Medical, you know you are someplace special. I never cease to be amazed at the brilliant people across this organization who I am privileged to get to work alongside, grow with and learn from. It’s a rapidly growing company made up of extraordinary individuals, which makes every day exciting. There is also a great winning culture built on doing the right thing. Even though we are moving fast, we make sure to take time to stop and celebrate wins.

Sasha, Finance And Legal

A shortcut to
what we do

Drug Development

Drug development is the process of getting a new drug from an idea to patients. We work in the clinical phase of drug development, supporting early phase 1 and 2 studies, as well as late-stage phase 3 and 4 trials, by providing insights based on advanced medical imaging.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging refers to the various technologies that are used to view the human body in order to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases. In clinical drug development, imaging is used to detect changes in the structure or function of an organ before and after a study drug has been administered to assess its potential effects. There are several different imaging technologies – Antaros Medical focuses on non-invasive advanced imaging techniques such as MRI and PET.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI uses a magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to create detailed images of the body’s organs and tissues in order to assess their structure and/or function. MRI is highly precise, which is important in clinical trials for keeping down the number of patients needed to see potential drug effects.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

PET uses radiotracers to visualize and quantify molecular and physiological processes in tissues and organs. PET is a powerful tool in clinical drug development that allows the investigation of changes, for instance in metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological disease processes. PET receptor imaging also allows the investigation of tissue penetration by drugs, target engagement and receptor occupancy levels.

Antaros Medical - Our Culture - What We Do

and equality

Integrating human rights, the environment, social responsibility, and the prevention of corruption into strategy and operations is something close to our hearts. Equal treatment, inclusion and active protection against discrimination are key to how we treat each other.

We will never accept differences in individuals' rights and opportunities. Rest assured that we will always live up to these intentions and goals. How we act and treat each other is a natural part of our culture. It goes beyond written statements and laws. And we are constantly developing this culture in everything we do. Just as we continue working on a programme to minimize our environmental impact.

I love working in an environment where there are high ambitions and motivation to work efficiently and creatively. It’s important to me that the company has a “heart”, and that the work environment and the people are important to the company. That’s why I like working here at Antaros Medical.

Marie, Clinical Operations
Antaros Medical - Our Culture - Equality
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