Sofia Löwstedt

Director, HR – an ”HR nerd” who loves to run

I knew what I was getting myself into. I was first hired as a part-time HR Consultant at Antaros Medical. But the need for HR grew with the number employees, and once we had reached about 50 people I was offered a permanent position. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I had seen that the management at Antaros Medical really valued HR matters – that people need to feel good, thrive, and be given the opportunity to do a good job – so it was an easy decision. I also wanted to work in an industry where I’m involved in contributing to a greater cause.

Empowerment and Accountability important values
There’s a great deal of confidence in each individual’s capacity and competence at Antaros Medical. We trust each other’s ability to drive our respective tasks. This is very clear in our culture and it’s something we are keen to maintain also in our fast-growing environment. This is why we work a lot with the concepts of “accountability” and “empowerment” and what these mean for everyone in the company.

“It’s great to work in a company where people are considered important”

A change-orientated and helpful organization
With great trust comes greater freedom, but also more responsibility. Since we’re also a company that likes new ideas and grows quickly, we’re looking for people who consider it fun to be part of a growth journey and want to participate in developing the company. We also try to find people who nurture the spirit of “helpfulness” that exists at Antaros Medical. I think we’re really good at supporting and listening to one another.

An HR nerd who loves to run
I really love my job and I’m a real “HR nerd” who often reads or listens to HR-related topics even in my spare time, but I also like to read novels. Another great passion of mine is running. I run as often as I can. I’ve really missed the big running competitions during Covid-19.