Mattias Starkenberg

Lead Image Analyst, Safety Representative, and Vintage Design Enthusiast

I’m not only a Lead Image Analyst, but also a Safety Representative and Office Manager. Right now I’m also the “Moving General” responsible for our third Uppsala office move in the last six years. But in many ways, I thrive best when I’m at the core of the action.

It was a pure coincidence that I ended up at Antaros Medical. I was working as an Image Editor on technical and scientific illustrations for Nationalnyckeln, an encyclopedia about Sweden’s flora and fauna, when I met one of the founders of Antaros Medical at a dinner party. As we were talking, I discovered that the company was relatively new and I was invited for an interview. Shortly after that, I began working at Antaros Medical as an Image Analyst. That was now seven years ago. Since then I’ve had several different roles and responsibilities at the company.

Still a free and innovative culture
One of the founding principles of Antaros Medical was to create an innovative organization where people would think differently and seek new solutions. Our first office was not even an office, but a laboratory that we shared with Uppsala University. Ventilation pipes hung above us and we had no windows to look out of. Even then, the desire to establish something new was tangible and now, almost seven years later, we have over 100 employees yet the trailblazing, solution-oriented attitude of Antaros Medical remains. It’s built into our core values. If someone says it can’t be done, we rise to the challenge and say, “Let’s at least try!” This is probably why we can do things that others can’t. Of course, it requires a little more effort to manage a larger organization, but we’re still agile. We’re an organization that is constantly evolving. That’s why I’ve stayed so long and enjoy working here so much. I think the secret lies in our recruitment – we hire people who fit the culture and core values of Antaros Medical.

Crazy for 60s design
Between work and family (I have two young children), I try to find time for my various interests, including old curios, especially those from the 1960s. Our house was built then so it suits me perfectly. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of that time so I decorate my home with things typical of the era. I also love Italian vehicles and own a vintage car and two old Vespas. In fact, I’ve even filled my garage with tools from the 1960s!