Matilda Jonsson

Junior Manager Corelab and champion gymnast

I came to Antaros Medical in 2018 while writing my thesis and then never left. After I finished my studies I was hired as an Image Analyst. My manager saw that I had a knack for organisational things, so I quite quickly advanced to Lead Image Analyst. Now I am a Junior Manager at Corelab with eight people in my team, so I have really been encouraged to grow here.

In constant need of a new challenge
I always want to develop and learn, and I usually have a few thoughts and ideas on how to improve things. Looking back, I have been involved in a lot of developments and in the shaping of processes and documentation. I think it is really cool that the company actually listens to you, and has trust in you to fix things. Antaros Medical has a very open culture in that sense. We really want to find the best solution forward. And everyone is welcome to contribute to the problem-solving. Of course my new position means a lot more responsibility. But I know that I am energised by new challenges.

“I have really had the opportunity to grow”

Variation in tasks and responsibilities
Our culture at Antaros Medical means that we are also encouraged to do secondments and to learn more about other parts of the company. I spent six months with our Operational Solutions team. At the time they were in the process of developing and implementing a new system for image handling. I worked closely with the development of the platform, so I needed to clearly convey how we wanted the system to work and exactly what kind of functionality we needed. I really learned a lot there. And I have definitely taken this into my new position. Now my main focus is to learn how to become a better leader and continue to build the team alongside my colleagues.

Enthusiastic elite gymnast
I have trained in gymnastics my whole life, and for the last 8 years at an elite-level in TeamGym. My team won the national championship in both 2015 and 2018. I have always had a competitive mindset, and I guess my willingness to take on challenges is connected to my background in sports.