Carl Sjöberg

Software Developer, Manager and biking foodie

In the Software Development department, we develop systems for handling images and other data generated in clinical trials, as well as methods in our specialized area of image processing and automated image analysis. This requires knowledge in both computer science and advanced image analysis, and the combination gives us the opportunity to take on and solve interesting problems in both fields. And software developers like to solve problems, especially if the results are useful for others!

Software is, in many ways, central in enabling us to deliver trials and to scientifically innovate, which is why Software Development is an important and growing department at Antaros Medical. A natural part of our development involves using technology like image registration and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support analysis techniques. Many fields are exploring the use of AI with varying results, but the potential that AI has in image analysis is both promising and practically relevant. It will not remove the need for review by our imaging experts, but will be a powerful tool to support throughout the analysis.

I want to do something that is really useful!
7 years ago, I applied to work at Antaros Medical because I found it attractive as a small yet fast-growing company with a strong scientific focus. The open and receptive environment with short decision paths that I had hoped for turned out to be true. Even though we have really grown as a company since I started working here, this culture that enables innovation still exists. Personally, I wanted to work in an industry where I could apply my Physics background to do something really meaningful. So, I chose a medical specialization and I am really happy with my choice.

“There’s a “nothing is impossible” atmosphere here that I really like”

A culture where we help each other
We are a down-to-earth bunch here in the Software Development department. Currently we are 10 people with different backgrounds and coming from different fields, but we are all joined by our desire to apply our knowledge in a medical research environment. The people here are incredibly talented and we always take the time to help each other. In our industry there are regulations and standards that we must follow, but within those boundaries we still have freedom in how we solve our tasks. There’s a “nothing is impossible” atmosphere here that I really like.

Combining a passion for food with biking
I think it’s important to be able to focus on other aspects of like outside of work. In my spare time, you can find me having a fika on a hill or mountain top after climbing it with my bike, or even better in a nice restaurant in the valley below after taking on the descent!