Bettina Selig

Image Processing Specialist with an interest in medicine

As Antaros Medical grows and takes on more studies, the work of our Software Development team becomes increasingly important. Each study can contain hundreds of scans that are analysed centrally by our CoreLab Image Analysts. When we develop software that simplifies, or takes over, some of the image analysis steps, the workflow improves significantly. Of course, we’re still far from replacing a human image analyst, but computers are good at finding patterns in large amounts of data, and the software can be trained to learn and improve thanks to AI technology.

A “good” place to work
I started out studying Computer Science in Berlin and first came to Uppsala as an exchange student, fell in love with the city and returned to do my PhD. After graduation, I joined a company developing video processing software for mobile phones. It felt really special that millions of people had my software in their phones. But I’ve always been interested in medicine and wanted to do something that was good for the world. That’s why I joined Antaros Medical, and I am very happy with my choice. People are very engaged and helpful, and it is fun to collaborate with everyone. I started in the middle of the pandemic and anyhow, they managed to introduce me to the company in a very nice way. I mostly work from home, but three times a week we have a virtual “fika”* with my team where we have coffee and chat.

“As we grow, the work of our Software Development team becomes increasingly important”

We make decisions as a team
I also appreciate the way we share responsibility. We work as a team and make decisions as a team. At Antaros Medical everybody has a say, even if you’re new. Every study has a Lead Software Developer, who’s responsible for the software part of the specific project. We spread this responsibility between our competence in the team, and we are all Leads in at least one study. I also enjoy working with my former colleagues at the Centre for Image Analysis at Uppsala university, exploring Deep Neural Networks for our AI projects. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family. We have two boys, aged four and nine, and they keep me busy.

*a Swedish word for a coffee and cake break, an important part of Swedish culture.