We are happy to share our new visual identity today

Antaros Medical just celebrated its 5th anniversary and we are very proud of our journey so far. We are thankful for the exiting opportunities we have had over these years to partner around development challenges – both with small as well as large pharma companies. Delivering evidence around mechanism of action or efficacy for improved decision making in important projects have been both fun and rewarding.

Today, we are a strategic development partner to the pharmaceutical industry globally as well as to world-leading academic institutions. And our journey continues.

We want our visual identity to really reflect who we are. Our team is driving both customer projects as well as projects to improve imaging methodologies with true curiosity, a strong commitment to defy convention and long experience in science and drug development. We believe in our unique mix of capabilities – groundbreaking medical imaging coupled with deep knowledge in disease mechanisms and, not the least, an extensive experience of drug development – to support our partners with the evidence they need for improved decision making in clinical drug development.

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