We are growing and moving one of our offices again!

Antaros Medical has two offices in Sweden – one in Mölndal (Gothenburg) and a second one in Uppsala. We set up our first office in Uppsala in 2014 in a place that had space for around five people. The first employees there had to share the office space with some low hanging tubes in the ceiling and there were barely any windows. Since then, the company has grown from the first few employees to the 100+ people company that we are today. Naturally, we have also outgrown and upgraded our offices a couple of times! We are now happy to have moved into our fourth home in Uppsala – on Dragarbrunnsgatan 46.

Our new office has little resemblance with the Uppsala office we started out in. There is no danger of accidentally banging your head in the ceiling – but there are some things that are still the same. Here are some reflections from Calle, Anders and Mattias, who have been part of the Antaros Medical journey in Uppsala from the start.

“The joint Swedish fika* breaks have tagged along since the very beginning”, says Calle. “In our first office, we had fika together with the MRI staff at the Uppsala University Hospital as the office was located at their imaging facilities. When more people started at the company, also from outside of Sweden, they of course joined our fika breaks and this has continued to be something that really brings us together”.

“Somehow we have ended up having a lot of discussions around different animals throughout the years”, remembers Mattias. “Somewhere along the road we started celebrating the World Tapir Day which takes place on the 27th of April every year, as a great excuse to eat some cake. We even considered getting a pet animal such as a dog or even a crocodile for the office, but that was voted down, luckily!”

“We’ve always had a lot of fun things going on in the office”, says Anders. “In our first office we played a lot of table hockey, and in our second office we had quizzes every Friday. Most recently we’ve been playing lots of chess. Let’s see what we’ll come up with in our new office!”

Finally, some words from our COO, Caroline Engvall, about again moving to a new office: “Two years ago when we moved to our current office, we hoped it would be big enough to stay there for two years. Now, two years later and with our continued fast growth, it was time to move to something bigger. We are happy to have a new office that fits with our company’s current requirements and where our culture can continue to develop”.

Timeline – Our offices in Uppsala

*fika = a Swedish word for a coffee and cake break
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