New publication from longest ever interventional MRI-PDFF study

A new publication presents data from a 122-weeks imaging sub-study in type 2 diabetics investigating the effects of combining inhibition of SGLT2 and DDP4 on top of metformin on liver fat, SAT and VAT measured with MRI. The study, sponsored by AstraZeneca, is an extension of a previously published 52-weeks study to look at long-term treatment effects. Antaros Medical’s imaging approach could successfully show a significant reduction compared to the control group in both liver fat and adipose tissue volumes maintained over 122 weeks, providing insights on long-term durability of treatment response. The clinical trial is the longest randomized, interventional trial with MRI-PDFF ever performed.

Find the publication here

Title: Long-term effects of dapagliflozin plus saxagliptin versus glimepiride on a background of metformin in patients with type 2 diabetes: results of a 104-week extension to a 52-week randomised, phase 3 study and liver fat MRI sub-study
Authors: Frías JP, Maaske J, Suchower L, Johansson L,  Hockings PD, Iqbal N, Wilding JPH

About Antaros Medical’s liver fat quantification

Liver fat can be quantified with magnetic resonance image (MRI) using a method called proton density fat fraction (PDFF). This technique measures the portion of MRI-visible protons bound to fat divided by all protons in the liver to provide quantification of fat in the liver. Antaros Medical’s MRI-PDFF method includes an assessment of the entire liver from a 3D MRI scan, avoiding bile ducts and veins in the image analysis. Whenever possible, a morphological liver volume measurement is included, allowing assessment of unforeseen changes in liver physiology. The assessment of total liver volume in combination with liver fat also increases the sensitivity to detect changes in small studies with short duration, enabling the use of liver PDFF in early phase studies (even in Ph1b) to detect dose response. In addition to its high precision, our liver fat quantification method is robust also when scaling up in different stages of clinical development (phase 2 and beyond).

Read more about Antaros Medical’s liver fat quantification here: Whole liver assessment of liver MRI-PDFF and liver volume

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