New longitudinal data on non-invasive MRI biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease (DKD) presented at ASN Kidney Week 2022

The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week 2022 will take place next week from November 3-6. After two years of fully virtual events, this year’s Kidney Week will be held both virtually and in-person in Orlando, Florida.

Antaros Medical is, in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital and AstraZeneca, presenting more exciting data about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and MRI biomarkers as non-invasive tools for drug development in diabetic kidney disease (DKD). MRI biomarkers offer non-invasive ways to assess functional and morphologic changes in the kidney that may improve diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring in patients with DKD. Longitudinal follow-up data, such as the data that will be presented at this meeting, adds valuable insights into whether these biomarkers can identify patients at risk for rapid progression of DKD.

Find the abstracts here.

Abstract title: Trajectory of kidney function correlates with renal blood flow evaluated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging in diabetic kidney disease
Abstract number: TH-PO230
Authors: Hockings P, Makvandi K, Jensen G, Unnerstall T, Leonhardt H, Haraldsson H, Hulthe J, Baid-Agrawal S
Presented Thursday November 3rd at 10:00-12:00

Abstract title: Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging allows the prediction of diabetic disease progression
Abstract number: TH-PO228
Authors: Makvandi K, Hockings P, Jensen G, Hulthe J, Haraldsson H, Baid-Agrawal S
Presented Thursday November 3rd at 10:00-12:00

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