Hear Antaros Medical talk about fibrosis imaging at the 5th AFDD Summit

Antaros Medical’s PET Imaging Director Olof Eriksson will talk about fibrosis imaging at the 5th Antifibrotic Drug Development (AFDD) Summit. The talk will specifically focus on positron emission tomography (PET) imaging solutions for fibrosis, emerging as an important tool in drug development in the search for novel anti-fibrotic treatments.

Fibrosis is a global health problem and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality and today limited or no therapeutic options are available. The research activity in this field is high, to increase understanding of the underlying mechanisms and to develop targeted and effective medicines to improve the outcome for patients suffering fibrotic disease.

Current methods to assess fibrosis are either invasive or not sensitive enough to detect early fibrosis. There is a high need to develop non-invasive methods to detect, stage and study the molecular processes that drive the pathology of fibrosis and enable assessment of treatment effects in the search for novel antifibrotic drugs. PET tracers are emerging as important biomarkers supporting drug development, due to their ability in understanding both the drug and its target and provide important insights into human biology quantitatively at a molecular level.

To find out more, join the AFDD summit on November 2 @ 14.00 EST to hear Olof’s talk “Imaging of Fibrosis” focusing on the following topics:

  • New advances in clinical non-invasive imaging of fibrosis
  • The potential of PET imaging to detect, diagnose, stage, and study the molecular processes that drive the pathology of fibrosis
  • Use of PET imaging to assist drug development and study drug target engagement

About the Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD) 

The Antifibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD) will provide a deeper understanding of how to progress early-stage candidates and avoid late-stage failures, know the studies that show early signs of efficacy and surrogate indication opportunities, and evaluate interacting mechanisms for new targets and biomarkers. This cross-organ, cross-disease discussion forum will host the transferrable insights from IPF, MASH, scleroderma, IBD and more, to more confidently demonstrate the antifibrotic effect in the clinic and address pathological fibrosis across multiple diseases.

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