Antaros Medical to discuss PET and MR imaging biomarkers for antifibrotic drug development at AFDD

Antaros Medical’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lars Johansson, will present tomorrow at the 6th Annual Antifibrotic Drug Development (AFDD) Summit. The talk will give an overview of how PET and MR imaging biomarkers offer a non-invasive, translatable way of understanding inflammation, fibrogenesis, and fibrosis.

Fibrosis is a global health problem and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. However, today there are limited therapeutic options available. Research activity in this field is high, and there is a need to both better understand the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis and to develop targeted and effective therapies that will improve outcomes for patients suffering from fibrotic disease. This necessitates the development of non-invasive methods to detect, stage, and study the molecular processes that drive the pathology of fibrosis, as current methods are either invasive or not sensitive to detect early fibrosis. PET and MR imaging biomarkers can non-invasively enable assessment of treatment effects in novel antifibrotic drug development.

To find out more, join us at the AFDD Summit on November 10th @ 11:30 EST to hear Lars’ talk titled “PET and MR imaging biomarkers – a non-invasive, translatable way of understanding inflammation, fibrogenesis and fibrosis”. You can also read more about our work in fibrosis at Our work or through our Publications.

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