Advanced imaging with PET for diabetes research

From his work at Uppsala University, Associate Professor Olof Eriksson (PET Imaging Director at Antaros Medical) has recently published two papers on positron emission tomography (PET) for diabetes research. The work contributes to advancing science in diabetes for both disease understanding and development of new drugs.

“We are extremely proud to have so many great scientists affiliated to us at Antaros Medical”

Lars Johansson, Chief Scientific Officer, Antaros Medical

Read the publications here:

Title: Exploring the GLP-1-GLP-1R axis in porcine pancreas and gastrointestinal tract in vivo by ex vivo autoradiography

Authors: Manell E, Puuvuori E, Svensson A, Velikyan I, Hulsart-Billström G, Hedenqvist P, Juul Holst J, Jensen Waern M, Eriksson O

Title: PET Imaging of GPR44 by Antagonist [ 11 C]MK-7246 in Pigs

Authors: Cheung P, Zhang B, Puuvuori E, Estrada S, Amin MA, Ye S, Korsgren O, Odell LR, Eriksson J and Eriksson O

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