Martin Venge

Director Clinical Trial Management

As a Project Leader, I act as a link between the customer and our organisation. I support the customers with an understanding of what we can deliver and, sometimes, what they actually need. I am also key in ensuring our internal team understands the wants and needs of the customer, so my role requires different types of communication skills.

Perfect background to understand the customer
Right now I’m leading some of our larger studies that focus on liver-related disease, either directly with the company sponsoring the study or a sub-contracted CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) driving the study. My role is to plan and manage the whole imaging part of a clinical study, including time planning, budget and documentation, so that we can deliver with high quality studies, on time, to a satisfied customer. Previously I’ve worked at both CROs and biotech companies so I have a pretty good understanding of the customers that we work with. And since my job is very much about managing expectations and understanding needs, I may have an advantage here. But the best thing about this job is working with such knowledgeable and dedicated colleagues towards a common goal — this makes the project management so much more fun.

“My job is to ensure both sides understand each other”

Newly employed and a new parent with work-life balance
I’ve been at Antaros Medical for about two years. During that time, I’ve been on parental leave for around nine months and it’s worked really well. I’ve not felt any expectations, expressed or unspoken, to hurry back. As this is also my third child, it requires some logistics and flexibility to make everyday life work – and to find a free hour for a game of tennis with my brothers.

A supportive and growing organisation
I experience Antaros Medical to have a very good work culture and I have fantastic colleagues. The organisation supports me in my daily work, which is great as I also have lots of responsibility. This, together with technical support for working remotely, means that everything flows as it should, which has also facilitated work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Speaking of which, I returned from my parental leave in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much the company has grown despite the ongoing situation and the challenges it has presented. I think I have almost 25 new colleagues in the last year!