Lisa Jarl

Marketing Communication Director with a knack for science

A bit into my employment at Antaros Medical, I changed track and started working with marketing and communication instead of leading our clinical projects. I like the idea of working in an organization where that kind of freedom is possible.

The desire to help people has been with me from the very beginning. Since I was little, I was always fascinated by biology and the way the body works. I studied Medical Biotechnology and then was drawn into the world of clinical development while working at AstraZeneca. I originally came to Antaros Medical to work as a clinical project manager. I found it especially interesting to work with our own method development studies, where we are finding innovative ways to use imaging to support drug development. I’ve always been someone who likes to see how things fit into the bigger picture, and I still felt as though I wanted to zoom out. I found I was often thinking about our work by how it was contributing to research and drug development in a wider context.

That’s when it clicked – this is what I’m going to do!

Possible to follow interests at Antaros Medical
We had just started an innovation project, which I was working on with our VP Strategy & Marketing, Christina Moberg. I was very inspired, both by the project and by her as a person. I also began to understand that her work is about much more than communication. It was also following market trends and research developments, understanding customer needs, and developing leads working together with the sales department. That’s when it clicked – this is what I’m going to do!

New challenges and opportunities
I received lots of support in my ambition to change direction, both from management and from Christina. And so, I joined the Strategic Marketing department as the Medical Affairs Lead. But the journey hasn’t stopped there. When I first started at Antaros Medical six years ago, we were about 30 employees. Now we are closer to 130, and this rapid growth has created opportunities for further development. After all, there is so much to do! I have just moved into a new role as Marketing Communication Director, which I am very excited about. It’s fun to market a brand like Antaros Medical that builds its differentiation on being strong in science. And also how we do our work – the people really make up the foundation of everything we do.

Currently in the middle of everything
I really feel as though I am in the middle of everything at the moment. With two young kids and new work responsibilities, it feels very busy. But in a nice way. And then on top of all this, I have recently decided to take up running.  My interest started after I ran a kids race with my daughter. Now it feels like a great way to stay active when there is so much going on. I can just grab my shoes and go!