Linnéa Gustafsson

Clinical Trial Coordinator and an ambitious organizer

Working as a Clinical Trial Coordinator means being the Project Manager’s right-hand with additional focus on documentation. And that’s something we have a lot of in our industry ‒ we even have to save email conversations! Fortunately, we can consult our Quality Assurance Department whenever something is extra complicated.

Both well organized and social
There’s a certain personality type that is suitable for this job: you have to be organized yourself, as well as good at helping others to be organized. But it’s also a social job. I have a lot of contact with various imaging sites worldwide not only when I schedule initial training of a site with one of our imaging specialists, but also when I’m collating important documents. We always use English, which we also speak in the office because so many people working at Antaros Medical are from countries beyond Sweden.

Clinical Trial Coordinator is a good start
Drug development is exciting. I took many courses about clinical trials during my Master’s degree, which I thought were very interesting. My goal is to become a Project Manager so the role of Clinical Trial Coordinator is a good, first step. Antaros Medical is growing fast and we’re encouraged to develop within the company so progress can be quite fast. As I haven’t worked that long yet, it’s still somewhat in the future.

“I want to work with something that impacts people positively”

Absolutely crucial to have an exciting job
I want to work with something that impacts people postively. It’s also exciting to know the ins and outs of how a drug actually works. And at Antaros Medical you really get to “see” this. If I start a discussion with someone who, for example, works in healthcare, it can easily become very nerdy. Yet work is such a big part of your life that it’s important to enjoy what you do. This also applies to your work environment. We have a very nice office atmosphere and often go for an after-work social or play quizzes together.

My family, a gang of friends
Naturally, I also have a life outside of work. For me, my gang of friends are my family. We always hang out together, cook together, and have an on-going TV series to watch. We also spend a lot of time to playing board games. If you’re curious, I’d recommend Catan ‒ a good game that balances building up and then sabotaging each other. I’ve actually started playing this with some work colleagues who also turned out to be board game geeks ‒ great fun!