We are moving into our new office in GoCo!

Antaros Medical has three offices in Sweden – in Mölndal (Gothenburg), Uppsala, and Malmö. As of today (Monday, November 13), we have officially moved into our new Mölndal (Gothenburg) office in GoCo House.

Antaros Medical started within the BioVentureHub over 9 years ago, and while we have now outgrown our home there, it was very important that our new office also be surrounded by the innovative environment of a life science cluster. With GoCo’s vision to create a world-class innovation cluster for health – where collaboration is built into the core, we believe that it is a great fit for us!

“To move into the new facilities at GoCo is a natural step for Antaros Medical. We are excited to become part of the innovative and creative environment that GoCo brings to the life science industry here in the Gothenburg area. We have grown a lot since was started Antaros Medical back in 2014. Our first office was actually my old mobile home, that we quickly moved out of! We are looking forward to continuing our growth journey here at GoCo” – Johannes Hulthe, CEO Antaros Medical

Moving offices has also provided an opportunity for us to actively incorporate sustainability into our new work environment. GoCo has a very clear vision with regards to the sustainability of the building and the surroundings. We have also chosen to furnish our office space with re-purposed furniture and to set up a comprehensive recycling area. We are looking forward to exploring what else we can accomplish on our sustainability journey from within our new home.

Ever since the contract with GoCo was signed earlier this year, our Mölndal office employees have been excited for the move. Some of the things they are looking forward to the most are:

  • Having a fika room large enough for everyone to be able to enjoy a coffee and cake together
  • Being part of an exciting life science area in Gothenburg
  • To be able to immerse ourselves in the collaborative environment of GoCo
  • Having an open office space that will increase the feeling of togetherness
  • To have enough seats to accommodate everyone, as we have grown so much in the last few years

Our new address is:
GoCo House
Entreprenörsstråket 10
431 53 MÖLNDAL

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