The value of imaging in kidney disease drug development discussed at CKD Summit

This week at the 6th Annual CKD Drug Development Summit, Paul Hockings, Senior Director MR Imaging, will be discussing the value that imaging can bring to early-stage drug development in kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease, the gradual loss of kidney function, is a worldwide heath problem. It is estimated that between 8-10% of the adult population has some form of kidney damage. Drug development is expensive, and the currently established biomarkers are limited in the insights they can provide.

Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) offers the potential to assess renal structure, function, and pathophysiology with precision and good reproducibility. In early-stage kidney disease drug development, MRI can minimise risk to a drug development programme by enabling early insights of efficacy or Mode of Action (MoA). Furthermore, treatment effects across organs that are metabolically linked to the kidney (i.e. liver, heart, etc.) can be investigated simultaneously using tailored imaging protocols.

To hear more, join us at the CKD Summit of Wednesday 20 March @ 11:30 EST to hear Paul’s presentation ‘When imaging adds value in early-stage kidney disease drug development’. The CKD Summit takes place from March 19-21 in Boston, MA.

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