Symposium on biomedical imaging in diabetes at EASD 2021

During the virtual 57th EASD Annual Meeting 2021 the DIAB IMAGE – Biomedical Imaging in Diabetes Study Group will have a symposium chaired by Olof Eriksson (Associate Professor at Uppsala University and Director, PET Imaging at Antaros Medical) together with Vera Schrauwen (Associate Professor at Maastricht University). The session will feature keynote lectures by Patricia Iozzo on investigation of metabolism by PET-CT and Martin Krssak on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy as a tool to investigate metabolic changes in insulin resistance and diabetes. Join the symposium on Tuesday, September 28 @10.30-12.30 (CEST), Berlin Hall via this link.

About the EASD Study Group: DIAB IMAGE – Biomedical Imaging in Diabetes
The aim of the Study Group is to further research and education in biomedical imaging in all type of diabetes, but mainly Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes (T1D/ T2D). Particularly, DIAB IMAGE aims to foster the use of biomedical imaging in T1D and T2D, exploit complimentary expertise between diabetologists, imaging experts and researchers in related fields, build up networks across the related disciplines, defining the most important scientific questions that need to be addressed and help to define European science policy in respect to imaging in diabetes.

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