Our CSO Lars Johansson joins the Surfing NASH Podcast to discuss imaging in NASH cirrhosis

Our Chief Scientific Officer Lars Johansson joined this week’s SurfingNASH podcast to discuss NASH cirrhosis. Listen to the episode via the link below to find out more about how imaging can improve scientific insights in this area.

Find the podcast here
This week’s episode featuring Lars Johansson, CSO at Antaros Medical: S3-E37 – What Do We Know That Can Help NASH Cirrhosis Patients Today?

About Surfing the NASH Tsunami podcast
Every week, a global community of Fatty Liver Disease stakeholders comes together to explore the most important challenges in diagnosing, treating, and developing medications for patients with Fatty Liver Diseases. Join hepatology researcher and Key Opinion Leader Dr. Stephen Harrison, liver wellness advocate Louise Campbell MSc AP., Forecasting and Pricing guru Roger Green, M.B.A., and their weekly guests as they discuss these issues from their own unique perspectives on the Surfing the NASH Tsunami podcast.

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