New data presented at EASD 2022 in Stockholm 19-23 September

The 58th EASD Annual Meeting takes place in Stockholm on 19-23 September 2022. Antaros Medical is proudly presenting new data at this meeting.

Discover the abstracts here:

Abstract title: Tissue-specific and whole-body insulin sensitivity by integrated imaging and hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp. A repeatability study in T2DM subjects.
Abstract number: 462
Authors: Laitinen I, Litorp H, Sjöberg F, Haraldsson H, Ekström S, Pierrou S, Southekal S, Lu M, Coskun T, Milicevic Z, Johansson L
Presented as a short oral discussion on Wednesday 21 September 2022 in the session ‘SO 27 If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it: novel methods in diabetes research’

Abstract title: Type 2 diabetes, and its modulating effect on the aging body, studied using voxel-wise analysis of whole-body MR images
Abstract number: 183
Authors: Kullberg J, Martinez Mora A, Ahmad N, Malmberg F, Strand R, Johansson L, Fall T, Larsson S C, Lind L, Ahlström H
Presented as an oral presentation on Thursday 22 September 2022 @14.30-16.00 in the session ‘OP 31 Diabetes: size matters’

Also, do not miss the DIAB IMAGE Symposium chaired by Vera Schrauwen, Martin Krssak, Marti Boss and Olof Eriksson on Monday, 19 September 2022, 16:00 – 18:00

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