New chapter on Disturbances in brain energy metabolism in Neurobiology

In the new International review of Neurobiology Vol 54, Kerstin Heurling and Edvin Johansson, both Imaging Directors at Antaros Medical and Antoine Leuzy, Dept. Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden, contributed with a chapter looking at learning from brain imaging biomarkers –  Chapter 4: Disturbances in brain energy metabolism in insulin resistance and diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The chapter provides an overview of the overlap between these diseases using medical imaging, focusing on glucose metabolism, mitochondrial function and lipid metabolism and that there are several similarities in the effects that these seemingly disparate diseases have on the brain, and that some of the abnormalities are reversed by metabolic interventions.

This excellent volume in the International Review of Neurobiology covering the latest evidence on the commonalities of neurodegenerative disorders and metabolic disease is edited by Grazyna Soderbom (Klippspringer), Russel Esterline and Jan Oscarsson from AstraZeneca and Mark Mattson, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

Link to full volume – Metabolic and Bioenergetic Drivers of Neurodegenerative Disease: Neurodegenerative Disease Research and Commonalities with Metabolic Diseases

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