Importance of High Precision Imaging Biomarkers in NASH Drug Development

Dr Lars Johansson, CSO, and one of the founders of Antaros, presented at the NASH Summit in Frankfurt, October 11-12. Thought-leaders and drug developers gathered to discuss challenges and the latest insights in drug development to meet the growing epidemic of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) in the western world.

Dr Johansson’s talk, The Importance of high precision imaging biomarkers in NASH drug development, included key insights around the difference in choice of biomarkers for drug development vs therapy monitoring.

Diagnostic methods often support a dichotomous decision i.e NASH, NO-NASH or F1-F2 vs F3-F4 using integrated biomarkers, while therapy monitoring assess target specific endpoints with high precision and quantification of biologically meaningful biomarkers, comments Dr Lars Johansson.

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