From fat to fibrosis and beyond – What non-invasive imaging can do

Lars Johansson, CSO at Antaros Medical, will speak at the 5th NASH Summit 2021 on the topic “From Fat to Fibrosis and Beyond – What Non-Invasive Imaging Can Do”. The talk will address how advanced imaging methods, such as MRI and PET, can be used to non-invasively assess development of liver disease as a powerful tool in drug development. As the title of the talk suggests, it will cover aspects from imaging of liver fat to development of fibrosis, cirrhosis and portal hypertension. The talk will also highlight the complexity of the liver and importance of considering intrahepatic content when performing imaging in clinical trials.

If you want to find out more, join the 5th NASH Summit 2021 on November 30 @ 4 pm EST for the talk of Lars Johansson. We have also recently presented around this interesting topic at the NASH Roundtable Forum, AFDD summit and Paris NASH meeting. To deep dive into even more science, have a look at our work and our publications!

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