Antaros Medical presents at the ISMRM-PARENCHIMA workshop on kidney MRI biomarkers in clinical trials

Kidney magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows non-invasive assessment of kidney macro- and microstructure, hemodynamics and oxygenation. With therapeutic advancements in the field of kidney diseases, these promising MRI assessments can support disease understanding and address novel drug mechanisms. Antaros Medical is active in kidney imaging in clinical trials as well as driving the science forward in this field with our own research and as part of large scientific consortia.

To highlight and advance the utility of kidney MRI, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and PARENCHIMA are arranging a workshop on kidney MRI biomarkers. Iris Friedli (PhD), Director MRI Imaging at Antaros Medical, is invited to speak about kidney MRI in clinical trials. Listen to her talk on the 12th of September @ 17.30 CEST during Session 7: “Kidney Imaging Biomarkers in Clinical Trials: Pathways to Standardization & Regulatory Approval” moderated by Erum Hartung, M.D. (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Paul Hockings, Ph.D. (Senior Imaging Director at Antaros Medical).

About the ISMRM-PARENCHIMA workshop
PARENCHIMA is a renal imaging initiative aiming to fill the gap of non-invasive and sensitive biomarkers for chronic kidney disease (CKD), a disease affecting >10% of the world’s population. PARENCHIMA are joining forces with ISMRM for a workshop on kidney MRI biomarkers and is designed to bring together scientists and clinicians from several disciplines. It will include an update on clinical trials results, and it will provide an outline of cutting-edge novel clinical and pre-clinical renal imaging techniques and their potential impact on clinical management. The workshop takes place on the 10-12th of September in-person in Lisbon and Philadelphia as well as virtually. Read more about the workshop here:

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