Antaros Medical latest liver imaging science at the AASLD Liver Meeting® 2020

Antaros Medical most recent liver imaging science is presented at the annual AASLD Liver Meeting 2020, taking place as a virtual event this year – The Liver Meeting Digital Experience™ (TLMdX), 13-16th of November. We are showing data from our liver imaging methodology study, initial results from large-scale liver fat and liver volume analysis as well as data from recent clinical intervention studies using Antaros Medical imaging methods.

Join the discussion and hear about Antaros Medical’s latest liver imaging science.

Bivariate MR Imaging biomarker to improve prediction of advanced fibrosis in subjects with biopsy proven NAFLD

Authors: Paul Hockings, Edvin Johansson, Johan Vessby, Anders Gummesson, Kerstin Heurling, Anna Frödén Löwenmark, Olof Eriksson, Caleb Roberts, Lars Johansson, Anders Hedström, Johannes Hulthe, Christian Schultheis, Corinna Schoelch, Heiko Niessen, Mark Lubberink, Alkwin Wanders, Fredrik Rorsman and Håkan Ahlström

Abstract number: 1486

Non-invasive imaging biomarkers to detect NASH in subjects with NAFLD

Authors: Johan Vessby, Paul Hockings, Anders Gummesson, Edvin Johansson, Kerstin Heurling, Anna Frödén Löwenmark, Olof Eriksson, Lars Johansson, Caleb Roberts, Anders Hedström, Christian Schultheis, Corinna Schoelch, Heiko Niessen, Johannes Hulthe, Mark Lubberink, Håkan Ahlström, Fredrik Rorsman and Alkwin Wanders

Abstract number: 1535

Semaglutide treatment in subjects with NAFLD: Effects assessed by magnetic resonance elastography and magnetic resonance imaging proton density fat fraction

Authors: Anne Flint, Grit Andersen, Paul Hockings, Lars Johansson, Anni Morsing, Mads Sundby Pall, Thomas J Vogl and Leona Plum-Moerschel

Abstract number: 1698

Dapagliflozin plus saxagliptin add-on to metformin maintains reduced liver fat and adipose tissue volumes in patients with type 2 diabetes over 122 weeks

Authors: Lars Johansson, Paul Hockings, Juan P. Frias, Lisa Suchower, Jill Maaske, Nayyar Iqbal and John P. H. Wilding

Abstract number: 1719

The aging liver – large-scale analysis of liver fat and liver volume in relation to age, sex and diabetes in UK Biobank – Initial results

Abstract number: 1639

Authors: Joel Kullberg, Taro Langner, Andrés Martínez Mora, Håkan Ahlström and Lars Johansson

Automated liver volume measurements in more than 35,000 subjects from neck-to-knee MRI in UK-Biobank

Abstract number: 1482

Authors: Andrés Martínez Mora, Taro Langner, Alexander Korenyushkin, Daniel Olmo, Albin Karlsson, Håkan
Ahlström and Joel Kullberg

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