Antaros Medical and Almi Invest adds 3 million SEK in venture capital to Emeriti Pharma

Emeriti Pharma, which is developing a new treatment for skin diseases, takes up two million in venture capital from Antaros Medical. The existing owner, Almi Invest, is also participating in the funding, which has a total value of three million SEK. Emeriti Pharma also announces that the company is currently conducting a Phase 1 study with its drug candidate.

Emeriti’s drug candidate EP0003 is a patented molecule that specifically inhibits a critical enzyme involved in the development of some important skin diseases. This is a new concept for the treatment of rosacea and psoriasis. The project is now conducting the first clinical Phase 1 study. Previous pre-clinical studies show that EP0003 is very potent, has suitable properties for administration to the skin and large safety margins.

Antaros Medical’s CEO Johannes Hulthe adds: “With Emeriti Pharma entering clinical phase, we see a clear synergy between Antaros robust expertise in clinical drug development, and, further on, access to innovative methods and techniques for analysis of the effect of the drug, in this cases skin lesions following treatment. We are very proud to contribute to the further development of EP0003.“

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