What we do

The right decisions early makes a huge difference for drug development and patients.

Our unique offering is based on three key elements – an extensive drug development experience, deep disease area/biology knowledge and cutting-edge imaging methodologies. This mix of capabilities enable us to develop innovative imaging methodologies and design tailored imaging studies to answer questions in a precise way for key decisions.

We specialize in cardio-metabolic conditions and oncology/immuno-oncology.

We are currently working on a number of projects within the following areas:

  • Diabetes and obesity, examples of imaging endpoints include beta-cell mass and function, insulin resistance and body composition.
  • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, (NASH), where examples of imaging endpoints include liver fat and fibrosis.
  • ACS/CVD including heart failure – examples of imaging endpoints include atherosclerosis measurement in the carotid artery by MRI and PET; assessment of coronary atherosclerosis by CT and PET and cardiac function, myocardial mass, function and infarct size.
  • Oncology/immuno-oncology: improved precision in tumour size assessments via volumetric evaluation and the identification of viable tissue components, development of novel PET tracers for assessment of immune checkpoint expressions and proliferation markers, combining functional and morphological imaging data for improved assessment of therapy response.