Antaros Medical presented data at the 2nd NASH biomarkers workshop on the importance of assessing the entire liver when studying liver fat

Assoc Professor Lars Johansson, co-founder of Antaros Medical and Chief Scienctific Officer, together with Dr Chris Weyer, President and Chief Development Officer at ProSciento, presented scientific data at the 2nd International workshop on NASH Biomarkers, in Washington DC, on 5-6 May 2017. The poster presentation titled “On the Importance of Assessing the Entire Liver in MRI-PDFF Studies of Liver Fat” summarizes data from a clinical study conducted at Uppsala University to assess changes in liver fat and liver volume following caloric restriction in subjects with morbid obesity. Analysis of fat fraction (%) using a single or multiple region of interest (ROI) approach was compared to analysis across the entire liver using a semi-automated approach developed by Antaros. Results point to several advantages of the later, including improved precision and simultaneous assessment of liver volume, as a means to control for confounders such as liver glycogen and water content.  These findings have potential implications for the assessment of liver fat in pharmaceutical intervention studies, including sample size requirements.

About the 2nd International NASH Biomarkers Workshop
The NASH Biomarkers Workshop is an international cross-disciplinary forum that brings together clinical and translational research experts for in-depth discussions of the latest advances in the development of biomarkers for NASH. The NASH Biomarkers Workshop is co-organized by the Liver Forum and Expert Medical Events. For more information, visit

About Antaros Medical

Antaros Medical is a drug development technology innovator based in the BioventureHub at AstraZeneca Gothenburg and in Uppsala, Sweden. Antaros Medical is pioneering new frontiers in innovative MRI and PET imaging techniques, leading to improved, evidence-based decision making in clinical drug development. Antaros Medical’s clients are spread across the globe and develop new treatments for patients suffering primarily from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. For more information, visit

About ProSciento Inc.
ProSciento is a full scope clinical R&D services provider, exclusively focused on diabetes, NASH and obesity. The company works with clients worldwide to support their metabolic drug and device candidates as an intellectual partner to develop and implement strategies from IND/CTA and NDA/ANDA filing to post-market and investigator initiated studies, including clinical development, regulatory, licensing and partnering support.

The company has completed more than 250 metabolic clinical studies, representing more early phase type 1 and type 2 diabetes clinical trials than any other U.S. provider.1 The team has supported the development of more than 15 metabolic drugs and devices on the market worldwide, and, in 2015, facilitated one of the year’s largest early-stage licensing deals. For more information, visit

1 Resource: comparative data from Citeline SiteTrove, a service provided by Informa Pharma Intelligence, April 2016