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Antaros Medical is an entirely unique service provider.
We are pioneering new frontiers in innovative MRI/PET imaging techniques, seamless clinical drug development and understanding of human pathophysiology. All underpinned with a passion to develop new treatments.

Antaros Medical is an entirely unique service provider. We are pioneering new frontiers in innovative MRI/PET imaging techniques, seamless clinical drug development and understanding of human pathophysiology. All underpinned with a passion to develop new medicines.

Whether you are a small biotech start-up, set to break the market wide open with a brand new product, or a major pharma group looking to grow your market share, we provide the best possible conditions for the planning, design and execution of clinical trials.

We relish challenge. We love identifying risk – and then minimizing it. Whatever challenges you face, we’d love to hear about them, develop a strategy and ensure that your product is developed in the safest, fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

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I think Antaros Medical is a fresh and interesting contribution to the region as well as in making Nordic Life Science ecosystem more competitive on a global scale. There are clear benefits of having a company with leading imaging capabilities within AZ BioVentureHub and we can see good opportunities for collaborative projects where AZ can benefit from Antaros Medical’s expertise and they can get access to our competence. This is an excellent example of how we work to strengthen an open Culture of Innovation on our site”, says Elisabeth Björk Site Lead AZ Mölndal.

  • Dr. Elisabeth Björk
  • Site Lead Mölndal & VP, Global Medicines Development Unit CVMD, AstraZeneca

The Antaros team has an impressive track record in early clinical experimentation and clinical functional imaging. For this reason we have chosen Antaros as our partner for a series of complex translational medicine studies aiming at improving our insights to incretin biology.

  • Dr. Philip Just Larsen
  • VP Global Head of Diabetes Research and Translational Science, SANOFI